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From building a portfolio to building your skills, is where you'll get raw, unfiltered, actionable advice to become a hirable advertising creative. I started Creata because after I graduated, nobody told me about the unspoken rules of the agency world. Now that I've spent over a decade working as a creative in the industry at agencies of all sizes, I want to share the secrets that usually take years to figure out.

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I'm an Associate Creative Director with Saatchi & Saatchi and I've also worked with:

Live Online Event

10 Steps to the Perfect Portfolio: Secrets from an Associate Creative Director

Everything your portfolio needs to be agency-ready. All the unspoken agency rules, guidelines, and best practices that nobody told you.

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Hosted by Jeremy Carson

During this live online event, you'll learn:

  1. The unspoken rules agencies have for all portfolios. Take the guesswork out of building your book and find out how agencies evaluate your portfolio, how they instantly know whether they'll look past the first project or move on.
  2. Who is really looking at your work and why they matter. A good portfolio isn't just creative, because creatives aren't the only ones who will see it. Discover who will judge your portfolio and how to impress each person.
  3. What you should keep in and what you should throw out. Whether it's the amount of work you should have, what a creative director wants to see, or how to include student work, learn what's inside a portfolio that gets hired.
  4. How to fully cook a half-baked portfolio. Even if you don't think your work is ready to put in front of a creative director, you'll see some tricks that will make any portfolio interview-ready.
  5. What is a complete waste of time. Agencies have seen every gimmick and trick applicants use to stand out from the crowd. Want to know which ones worked? How about which ones instantly got them rejected?
  6. Answers to those questions you've been wanting to ask. We'll have plenty of time for Q&A, so this is the chance to get the low down on industry life. Come with those questions ready.
  7. Plus, get more FREE secrets from agency professionals. With exclusive emails and downloadable infographics, you'll get even more access to the unfiltered, unspoken rules of the agency world.

NOTE: This is a one-time online event/webinar. You'll be able to attend from anywhere you have access to the internet and the technological requirements to connect.